• Dedicated personnel which worked in MGS UKRAINE LLC every day cope with their duties and process a large of number of candidates for the Ship-owner’s requirements. Staff are responsible for the checking level of the training seafarers is the important chain in the Maritime Industry. Our Mentors make a volumetric checking of each submitted seafarer. The seafarers who send us their cv are automatically strictly checked for their presence in the “Seafarer -Violator” program. Interviewing with the seafarers we pay a lot of the time to identify the gaps in skills and knowledge, because we know the safety at sea is based on the competent and responsible seafarers.
  • The Company’s Management is preparing a document — proposal for ratification by the Government of Ukraine on accepting to accounting significant violations of the seafarers in the performance of their duties on board the vessel, which will be indicated and listed in this document, as a sanction is to deprive the seafarers of their C.O.C. for at least 12 months. MGS UKRAINE LLC is confident in this way it will further strengthen the position of Ukrainian seafarers in the Maritime World, more increasing the compliance of Ukrainian seafarers with established high standards of IMO.
  • Our reputable Mentors are well-qualified and have an experience of work in Dry Cargo and Tanker fleet in a head position.
  • Deep Sea Captain Vladimir G. Mykheev is Mentor Dry Cargo & Tanker fleet Divisions in our company. Capt. Vladimir G. Mykheev is respected seafarer, which has more than 44 years of practice and valid licence — C.O.C. Deep Sea Captain  without limits of the tonnage.

Mentor Dry Cargo & Tanker fleet Divisions Capt. Vladimir G. Mykheev

  • Capt. Vladimir G. Mykheev worked at sea from 1975. His career gone through different type of vessels. Capt. Vladimir G. Mykheev was in Master position on Bulk Carriers, Cement Carriers, Oil/Chemical Tanker, LPG, General Cargo, Ro Ro vessels.
  • Mr. Aleksandr V. Subariev is Mentor Dry Cargo & Tanker fleet. Divisions Mr. Aleksandr V. Subariev has a vast practice more than 36 years of sea service at the folowing types of vessel: Dry Cargo, Oil/Product Tankers and have a valid licence — C.O.C. Chief  ETO without limits. Between 2014 and 2018 Aleksandr V. Subariev taught the seafarers of established program Electronic Marine Diesel Engines in Seafarer’s Training Centre of Odessa, teaching the basics features of using new generation Generator and Electronic Diesel Engines. In recent years, there has been a great demand for engineers with experience in electronic engines among Ship-owners.

Mentor Dry Cargo & Tanker fleet Divisions Aleksandr V. Subariev

  • Our Mentors Mr. Aleksandr V. Subariev and Capt. Vladimir G. Mykheev together made a testing system for the Senior Officers: «Intensive Interview» using for volumetric identification of the seafarers theory knowledge and the important skills for selecting the saefarers for the future position held.
  • Mentor Dry Cargo fleet Division Mr. Pavel A. Gorban worked at sea in position as Chief Engineer at Merchant fleet, mostly had the experience on Dry Cargo vessels. In MGS UKRAINE LLC Mentor Pavel A. Gorban checks the competency all of engine crew, with the application of 15 years experience in the Dry Cargo fleet.
  • Head of Crew Department Dry Cargo & Tanker fleet Divisions is Capt. Vladimir G. Mykheev. General experience is more than 10 years in Maritime Recruitment Industry. Capt. Vladimir G. Mykheev takes part in the reports of the Maritime International Conferences as a rapporteur on topics related to the development of the Maritime Industry and in particular the ratification of the requirements of the MLC 2006 in Ukraine and also active participant in numerous Maritime Conferences in Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai.
  • Crewing Coordinator of MGS UKRAINE LLC Lyubov A. Tsyhonya has 9 years of general experience in Maritime Recruitment World. Lyubov A. Tsyhonya worked at the Maritime Academy for more than 3 years, organizing and supervising the learning process of students of the Electromechanical Department. Crewing Coordinator Lyubov A. Tsyhonya also participated in the development of a Quality Management System of MGS UKRAINE LLC for certification according to the standard for Quality Management System of seafarer manning offices.
  • Senior Crewing Officer of  Dry Cargo & Tanker fleet divisions Iryna  A. Subarieva is from 2001 in Maritime Recruitment Industry gained the valuable experience and applying it in MGS UKRAINE LLC, allowing it to perform high-level Crew Management Process.
  • All Staff conduct the checking of the seafarers’ skills in compliance of STCW 78/95.
  • The most important principle of MGS UKRAINE LLC is to provide highly qualified services, which based on the steady improving processes of our Quality Management System.
  • We are care about to identify unskilled seafarers before they come on board the vessels. We are responsible for each submitted seafarer.

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